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Existing Industries

The Hancock County Industrial Foundation is committed to our existing industries and businesses, their suppliers, and the many employees of Hancock County and the surrounding areas. While attracting new companies to the area is a significant focus, we recognize the foundation of our community lies in the health, success, and growth of our existing companies.

To that end, the Foundation is renewing its focus on programs and services to our existing companies in areas of:

  • Education and Training programs
  • Business growth grants and subsidies
  • Legislative awareness and support

The Foundation continues to work closely with regional, state, and national Economic Development agencies to market our county and region to attract new industries, many of which will drive expansion and growth of our existing industry, businesses, and suppliers.

Last year the Foundation refocused efforts on our existing industries. With the worst economic recession since World War II, these industries faced the challenges of business downturns, massive lay-offs, and almost non-existent capital for infrastructure maintenance and productivity projects. The Foundation work played a key role in the support and implementation of:

The Kentucky Reinvestment Act
New State incentive program for existing businesses and industries

The Kentucky Aluminum Network (KAN)
Support group for the Aluminum industries in Hancock and Western Kentucky.

The Hancock County Training Center
Hancock County campus of the Owensboro Community and Technical College.

The Hancock County Airport, Ron Lewis Field

A 4000 x 75 ft. runway

The Hancock County Industrial Foundation is optimistic about the future of our existing industries and the opportunities for new industry growth. The Foundation will continue its focus on our existing industries but will also continue to insure our county is positioned to compete for new industry and new jobs.

With the state’s premium river industrial sites located in Hancock County, we are working with local and state government, utility and infrastructure officials, and regional economic development organizations to insure our sites and the assets of Hancock County are front and center for new and expanding industries.

Energy, environmental, workforce development and economic challenges are as formidable as ever. The Hancock County Industrial Foundation will continue working to insure a strong future for our citizens, our employees, and our companies.




Local State
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Hancock County Industrial Foundation Inc
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Roni-Anne Denham
Chief Administrative Officer
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