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The Industrial Foundation

The Hancock County Industrial Foundation is active and progressive in the promotion of Hancock County as a prominent location for new industry. The Foundation works in correlation with economic development programs in Frankfort to align incentive programs with developing manufacturing and service projects in return for newly created jobs in the area. The Foundation campaigns Hancock County’s location, people and existing industry to businesses in search of a geographic location with a rich pool of mechanically-savvy and highly productive labor.

The Industrial Foundation was created in 1985. In the first ten years the Foundation was involved in multiple expansions and the site selection of World Source, Roll Coater, Crescent Paper and Tube and the first Alcoa Plant. Since 1995, the Foundation has been successful in attracting over $752M in new development and over 650 new jobs to the community. Vital to the success of the county and its people, the Foundation looks to extend its ability to silicate existing and potential industry so that we may grow local capital investment, taxable income and workforce. Key to the success is the focus on bringing new jobs to Hancock County. The efforts of the Foundation ensures that we make the most out of state incentive programs and relay the values of our community to prospective companies.

Hancock County, Kentucky is centrally located allowing nearly half of the US population to be within a 600 mile reach. The county is easily accessible from Air, Rail, Road, and Water.